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    Published: 2013-08-12, by Manu Galvez.

    Magic Blocks 3D is a Tetris-like game set in 3D graphics

    • Three different game modes
    • Local leaderboards
    • Graphics
    • No online leaderboards
    • Controls

    "This looks familiar to me"

    Magic Blocks 3D is basically a Tetris with two special features. First off, it is set in minimalist 3D graphics. Second, it comes with three different game modes depending on the number small blocks that make up each big block. Thus, there's a "Tetramode" in which players must make fit 4-blocks shapes to clear lines, "Pentamode", featuring 5-blocks shapes and "Hexamode" with 6-blocks shapes. Obviously, the bigger the block, the more difficult will be clearing lines.

    As well as in the original Tetris, if the pile of blocks reaches the top, the game is over. Try to keep your pile close to the bottom by fitting blocks properly and clearing lines. There are local scoreboards to keep track of your personal records.

    Although its minimalist graphics aren't outstanding, the weakest point the game is its controls: they should be enhanced regarding responsiveness and design. In addition, you can make fall a block faster but you cannot control it at your whim: once pushed the blocks goes straight to the floor, you cannot slow it down before.

    That's it all. If you like Tetris gameplay and you want to try it in a new way, give this a go.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Aug 12, 2013


    **Brand new playing mode Blitz Blocks!!! Drop as many blocks as you can in 1 minute. Clearing a line adds 5 seconds.

    Do you like logic and puzzle games? Magic Blocks is a 3D remake of original casual game that known as Tetris. This game was created with Unity3d Engine, so it has good graphics and workin smooth on all android devices.
    You can choose from 3 different game modes: tetromino, pentomino and hexomino mode.Difference between that modes - difficulty. In tetromino you can see 7 different blocks (looks like in classic Tetris), pentamino contains 12 complex blocks. If you can get at least 100 points in hexomode (35 block types)then you is a hero!
    This game may remind you about old gold classic such as pacman, arkanoid, space invaders and famous Brick games (TetroCrate and BlockOut) - you will play until you see game over screen. Speed of falling blocks will be increase with every level and game will be harder and harder. You can feel like a ninja which cuts the fruit! The main advantage of this game - there is a High Score table, where you can store your best results and brag to your friends.
    Controls (virtual buttons):
    Up - rotate block on 90 degrees
    Left, Right - move block to the appropriate side
    Circle button - drop block down
    Please contact us, if you have any question or proposal about this game!

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