Mathrix Target Adware




    On the bus? Waiting for someone? Or maybe just in a boring meeting?

    For all who just love to solve tricky problems. Mathrix Target selects a random Target number and your challenge is to reach the same number by using the operands Plus, Minus, Multiplication and Division along with six randomly given numbers. The app uses ordinary calculator rules.

    You've got 60 seconds to reach the target - And you need to use your head instead of a calculator. Points will be given in relation to how close to the target you get and you have ten rounds in a game. A highscore is given after each game.

    If you do not like commercials there is a pay version as well. Possible future releases of Mathrix Target pay version, also available at might include:

    - Levels
    - Highscore List (individual)
    - Highscore List (multiplayer)
    - Play with friends
    - Usage of parenthesis

    The Mathrix family of apps by Stefan Eng will soon be compelemnted with new apps...

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