Memory Mood MashUp

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    Memory Mood MashUp is a multi-level memory and facial expression recognition game featuring 80 real faces to read and remember. It's the second game in the Fun Activities to Connect Excel and Socially Succeed Program. It takes "What's My Mood?" players to higher, more challenging levels.

    That said, this game can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels who like to TEST their MEMORY, read EMOTIONS and play fast and furiously to beat their best times.

    Level 1 challenges players memories to find the exact same face. When they do, the emotion is identified in text and with audio. Level 2 challenges players to match the emotion definition with a face demonstrating that mood. In Level 3, players must find the same expression on 2 faces, usually different people. When a player scores a match, the emotion is labeled on screen. All 3 levels reward accuracy and speed.

    Attention teachers, occupational therapists and parents, this game (like other games in the FACES Series) is available for Windows and Mac with the option for you to customize the picture base with your own photos. Kids are even more engaged when THEY'RE IN THE GAME! For more information, please visit us at

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