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    Monster Plant Escape

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    You are on an unknown island and you see some unknown monster plant. Of course you have to escape as soon as possible or else you become the meal of the monster plants. If you really want to escape immediately, here are some hints.

    Get the stork, crab, fish bone, lizard, earth worm, frog, pearl, conch, egg and the 2 magic lamps from the first view.
    Go right.
    Click the magic lamp to open a new window, click it again get a glow ball, close window.
    Repeat the same for other magic lamp.
    Drag and give the glow balls to each of the elephant.
    Now drag the egg to the flower, get the glow ball.
    Repeat the same for other 8 items in the inventory and get glow balls.
    Click the monster plant in the back of the view.
    Drag and give appropriate glow balls to the monster plants and click the bubbles.
    Get 9 soul powers from them.
    Now click under the cloud of the monster plant, click it again get 4 fruits , zoom out.
    Click the Castle, and again click the door.
    Attach the 4 fruits to the castle door to open.
    Click again to go inside.
    Drag and give the soul power to the appropriate creatures.
    Click all the 9 creatures and add them to the inventory.
    Zoom out 4 times.
    Now rejoin the female creatures with their partners.

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