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    Number Defy

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    The game presents a intellectual defy, a challenge mathematician. It tests the resistance to stress and the ability to develop strategies that lead to a known target. It also lets you practice daily and in a playful way with common arithmetic operations and work quick mental calculation.

    Select numbers adjacent, neighbors in the same row, column or diagonal, operating them result in defy number.
    The number defy has to be achieved as many times as possible values of the board. An ideal situation is to have consumed all the figures on the board.

    The game ends when
    a) Time is running out
    a) There are not free boxes
    b) It has come to a dead end because there not boxes next

    ★ SCORE
    Get the number defy provides +5 points.
    When the number challenge was achieved with 4 or fewer squares +5 extra points are obtained.
    The points are multiplied by different arithmetic operations used. For example, if it is added and subtracted would points x 2.
    At the end of each game, is subtracted from the total points the number of boxes that were not used.

    - You can set the board size from 6x6 to 9x9.
    - Time limits to overcome the challenge ranging from 1 minute to 10 minutes.
    - Save the best score achieved, for each time and dimension of the board.

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