Numbers Addict ★ Candy Swap ★



    Numbers Addict ★ Candy Swap ★'s review

    Published: 2012-05-01, by Ana Gracia.

    Have fun matching numbers and making easy calculations

    • Fun, original
    • Really addictive
    • Not for everyone

    "Number tetris and maths!"

    Numbers Addict Free is a surprisingly addictive game for Android, with a gameplay similar to tetris but with a number approach. You can have fun playing while you exercise your mind with numbers.

    Tap the column where you want the next ball to drop and make sure you match the balls with the same number. The bigger the number of balls and the number inside them are, the more points you get. In addition, you can drag a ball over another to sum them.

    After 5 explosions, the game levels up and once you get to level 10, 6 ball appear. There are three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard and you have a maximum of numbers you can sum up to. The graphics are really good and the game works smoothly. Baring's Prod is the developer of Number Addicts Free, their only app for the moment and a great solution to boredom. We highly recommend it, original and fun!

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    May 01, 2012


    ★Numbers Addict is a unique concept for a totally addictive game: bring down the bubbles, add them, anticipate next ones to reach the best score but also challenge your Facebook friends. For that, you must use your intelligence, your imagination, your reflexes and keep your head cold!★

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