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    Pentad is an original letter and word game based on Word Squares for up to 4 players - but also a great pastime for one person. It has three phases.

    Positioning phase:
    Randomly selected letters must be placed on a 5x5 grid until the grid is full, with the intention of making valid words from 2-5 letters long, and of maximizing the overall score.

    Swapping phase:
    The player then swaps two pairs of letters to optimize the words formed. The player should, of course, be planning for this in the positioning phase.

    Scoring stage:
    In the scoring stage, words are selected. There are bonuses for words covering the middle square and for 5-letter words. Selected words may be challenged, changed or removed.

    Overall, a great way to pass the time for those who also like Scrabble and other word games - challenging and frustrating.

    Full Help facility.

    Always opens in Portrait orientation.

    Also available from if you cannot download from the Android Market. Versions for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Nokia, Windows PCs and Macs also available from there.

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