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    Plants Bingo

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    Funny sequence game for Android!
    Totally free!

    Do you like solving puzzles?
    Are you good at uncode a code?
    Or tired of waiting in a long line?
    This game may offer you an entertainment.

    Do you have a kid like puzzle?
    Or, kids' early education may take you a lot of time.
    Or you may be occupied with dealing with daily trifles and find that you have no time to play with your kids.
    How about this maze game?
    It will make your kids smarter!

    1. 6 different plants
    2. 9 tries for you
    3. Endless fun
    4. Challenging game
    5. Totally free
    6. Highly addictive
    7. Beautiful use interface
    8. Simple design
    9. Touch interface

    Do you like puzzle and logic game?
    Tired of classic game?
    Fed up with doing nothing when you at your leisure time?
    Sure that this game will keep you interested for hours on end.

    1. Crack the code in the fewest tries!
    2. Choose a combination using 6 colors.
    3. There could be also the same color in the sequence.
    4. After each turn, check the soil's flowers on the right side.
    5. If you get a Black flower, you may get a right color and right space for one of your choices.
    If it appears a White flower, it means that it is a right color but wrong space.
    If you get nothing, you must have to try other color and other space.
    6. Attentions that the order of result flowers has no correction with the order of solution.

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