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    ※ This is the key to unlock Raraku main program. Please download "Raraku" first.

    ※ After downloaded the key, more level is available.

    ※ If you have any question, please mail to, we will help you to solve it as far as possible. Thanks!

    【Game Background】
    This island has been forgotten by people for hundred years. There are all kinds of mysterious statures stand silently. Moai shuttles the island and tries to find a mountain Raraku with his memory.Following the ancient Raraku maps, Moai is going to have an exciting adventure in his hometown.

    The maps indicate the locations of 8 ancient Raraku gems. Moai have to complete all hidden stages to collect those gems. It is said that those ancient gems have incredible powers, each gem have unique magic which can destroy the Five Elements at the stages. Can Moai discover the 8 ancient gems?

    - There are 8 lost maps, 8 secretive hidden stages and 72 challenge stages.
    - Players can collect broken keys by completing stages. The keys can break the array of the Five Elements.
    - The effects of special gems are splendid and gorgeous, try to gain them in the hidden stages.
    - Line 3 gems in a row and it will crack and disappear.
    - The turning order of background is: ocean-blue-->grass-green-->iron-gray
    - The pieces of maps or gem debris can be gained when it fall to the button of the board.

    【Game Wallpaper】
    There are 8 ancient maps which Moai have been visited in the "RaraKu" game, players can download and set as wallpaper after reach achievements.

    【Special Gems】
    - Fireball: Destroy the gems that above the last connecting line.
    - Earthquake: Shaking out the below gems.
    - Snowball: Fall down and destroy the gems.
    - Shooting star: Fall from the right-upper corner and destroy the gems.
    - Tornado: Destroy the gems in a turbinate way.
    - Tsunami: Tsunamis rush in from two sides and destroy the gems.
    - Lightning: Fall and destroy above gems.

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