The RuneMaze Puzzle is a groundbreaking brain teaser that you have never experienced before.
    You need to pass a series of stages to prove yourself to become a Rune Master.
    The puzzle will challenge every aspect of your brain in ways that you have never imaged before.

    None ever – EVER - has successfully become the Rune Master.
    The RuneMaze Puzzle will challenge you and your brain.
    Do you want be the first Rune Master who cleared all stages? Come on, take our challenge.

    ● The rules are simple
    - Move stones to align the same color of stones for 4 or more in a line, and crush them.

    ● You will enjoy the thrilling of winning matches, tuples, and combos.
    ● Hone your tactical skills with planning and forecasting movement.

    Your mission is to match the same color Rune Stone for 4 or more in a line to advance to the next level before the Spirit runs out.

    ● You can swap a stone with any of the eight neighboring stones.
    ● You can move stones as long as the Spirit remains
    ● You can regain the Sprit in various ways during the game.

    ● Move stones to align the same color of Rune Stones for 4 or more in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.
    ● You will experience a Tuple when four or more stones are aligned and crushed in a line.
    A “Match” is for a set of the same color of Rune Stones for 4 or more.
    A “Double” is earned when you crush two sets of matches with one swap.

    ● With a Tuple, you will gain points and increase the Spirit.

    ● The Rune Stones above the crushed stones will move downward to fill the empty spaces, and they can trigger Combos. You will gain various bonuses with Combos.


    ● You can earn the Spirit as matching SpritStones whose Rune characters are luminescent.
    ● You can get bonus when you make Tuples such as Double, Triple, Quadruple, and so on.
    ● You will get extra bonus when you make Tuples as a part of Combo.
    ● You will need many Tuples and Combos successfully to become the Rune Master.

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