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    A small ball is taking a risk. You operate this small ball to through various obstacles and get to the target place. This is an adventure game in a way but it is not like the other adventure games. The design of this game is very simple. You just operate the ball avoiding all the obstacles to arrive the target place, then you can enter the next level. It sounds very easy, right? But this game is called the hardest game.

    Now let me tell you why it is called the hardest game.

    1. First, let me tell you how to operate the small ball. You just move or rock your mobile phone, and then the small ball will move along your mobile phone. Moving your mobile phone can control the ball. The operation is very easy.

    2. On the screen there are some obstacles, some times just one obstacle, sometimes several. You need to control the small ball to avoid these obstacles. I must remind you that these obstacle can moves by themselves. You don’t worry that they will run after your small ball, because they just move on their own runway.

    3. It is not easy to avoid the moving obstacles. The small ball rocks on the screen and it has inertia. You must it in a suitable force and move your mobile phone carefully. You must know that if your small ball is touched by these obstacles, you will lose this round. You have to start this round again.

    4. There are different levels in this game, but only you finish one level can you enter the next level. Different levels will give you different obstacles and the difficulty will be harder and harder.

    5. This is the hardest game because if you have a small fault, you will lose the game. In other game, you may have at least three chance in a round or level, but in this game you only have one chance and you have to restart once you lose this chance.

    6. If you would like to support this small ball game, please give it five stars. This game needs your advice to be better, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

    Small Ball Risk is a free adventure game; in fact, it is the small ball taking a risk. This game can exercise your brain and mind. You must think hard to know how to get through the current and get to the next level. Thus, your brain will get exercise. If you want to get to the next level, you have to insist on controlling your ball to the target place, this is not easy. Your mind will be exercised.

    This is a good puzzle game and you can play it when you have leisure time. Playing this game you not only can get happiness, but also can get a exercise.

    I have played this game to the 10th level, but I can’t get to the next level. Do you want to surpass me? No one get through all the levels so far. Do you want to be the first one? Download this game and then try your best to get through all levels.

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