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    Test your knowledge about popular superheroes and see if you're familiar with their supernatural powers and adventures by playing 'Superhero Quiz' – a free “trivia quiz” for your mobile phone. See what you've learned so far by watching superhero movies! Have fun playing this interesting quiz game with questions and answers and dare your friends to beat your score!

    - 4 Different Game Modes-10 Questions, 25 Questions, 50 Questions and 5 Errors – Out!
    - Choose the correct answer from A, B, C or D!
    - Answer the trivia quiz questions quickly and avoid giving incorrect answers to get higher rankings!
    - Answer the question worth more than 2000 points and get Scandalous Score Booster!
    - Endless Mode–5 Errors – Out! – Your quiz game lasts until you choose 5 incorrect answers!
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    'Superhero Quiz' is a perfect pastime for all fans of action heroes and comic book heroes. Download this free quiz with questions and answers from the market and enjoy answering a variety of amusing trivia questions about Batman, Spiderman, Thor, Daredevil and others. Take a look at the picture and the question about your favorite “super hero” and try to guess the correct answer. Which super-villain killed Spider-Man's first love? How did the Fantastic Four obtain their powers? What is Clark Kent's profession? Interested in female super heroes - lots of funny question about Cat-woman or Wonder Woman are waiting for you, so get the fun quiz game right now have fun! An endless list of trivia questions will never cease to amuse you!

    The superhero is often called a unique American phenomenon. Inspired by comic books, particularly the Superman series in the early 1930s, heroes with superhuman strength and a desire to save the world became the stuff of many a child’s, and also numerous adults’ dreams and fantasies.

    What made the American take on the superhero unique, at least in its onset, was an attempt to scientifically explain why the hero had special powers. In Superman’s case, he is actually an alien, and was born on the planet Krypton. He can fly, see through metal, has extraordinary strength and speed. This type of a hero is usually someone who must live a dual existence, concealing his super powers from the world. This idea is not exactly new either; Zorro wears a mask to conceal his identity, and King Arthur spent time masquerading as the Black Knight. With early superheroes, the dual identity gave rise to a common feature — the awkward, frequently geeky character who never gets the girl. Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego is an inadequate and bumbling character. Test your knowledge about other heroes' superpowers by playing 'Superhero Quiz' with questions and answers on your phone any time. Have a great time answering a variety of trivia quiz questions any time!
    The super heroes are like us, but with something extra. We ponder what it would be like to be them. And with advances in medicine and technology, the line between us and them will get increasingly narrow. Medications will enhance our cognitive functioning so that we might be able to become as smart as Batman; steroids, medications, or nano technology may enhance our bodies so that we might become almost as strong as Wonder Woman or Wolverine. Or at some point in the future, we might be able to have a powerful exoskeleton like Iron Man.
    There was a time when the superhero movie was considered trivial kids stuff not worth the time or financial resources of a Hollywood studio. These days, they are big business in Hollywood, and Marvel Comics now makes more money as an independent superhero movie studio than off its funny books.

    Enjoy playing this free trivia game as long as you wish!

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