T-Shapes Puzzle[3 modes]

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    T-Shapes Puzzle[3 modes]

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    Tired of regular jigsaw puzzles? Still looking for a puzzle for your kids and yourself?
    Try our T-Blocks puzzle. With 3 Modes and 6 difficulties each mode, these puzzle are applicable for all ages.

    NEW: Socialize feature added.Now you can socialize with others,add comments to every single picture,share the pictures to your facebook and twitter.

    **New mode added. Three modes NOW!!
    Tetris like mode allow you to play jigsaw puzzle with tetris-like shape block, fit these irregular shapes together.

    **with Tetris-like mode, every time you play, you got different shape of block.
    We also provide jigsaw puzzle with pictures of animated movies,cartoons,comics,animes,TV shows, animals,euro 2012,story,etc. Children always love these pictures.And new themes will be added.

    This is a best time killer games for kids and adults,They improve cognitive skills, stimulate memory, logical thinking, develop social skills, and so on. In other words, they make you smarter!

    --* Three modes:
    1:Tetris-like: Fit irregular shape of blocks together.
    2.Drag and drop: Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
    3.Slide mode: Only can move the block that has blank next to it.

    --* New levels(pics) will be added continuously.This app will download the newest pics automatically.

    --* Finishe levels to set the pics as wallpapers and save them to your SD Card.

    --* 6 difficulities
    3x3[very easy], 4x4[easy], 5x5[normal], 6x6[hard], 7x7[very hard], 8x8[crazy].

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