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    Tetrizzle is a great new and original type of puzzle game with integrated PlayPhone social networking features and a lot of achievements to unlock, challenge a friend to beat your highscore!
    The goal of Tetrizzle is to connect the outer wall colors to the Tetrizzle Core in the center of the playing field using the color you started with at the outer wall. Really simple to learn but hard to master!


    It starts out with the 7 standard Tetris tetriminos but every level a new piece will be added until you get all 18 puzzle pieces. The game contains two modes, puzzle mode and Arcade mode.

    Just put your finger on a puzzle piece to grab it, while grabbed you can slide anywhere over the screen and drop it in the play area to get the next piece. You can also rotate the blocks while dragging the block (keep on holding down with the finger you grabbed the block with) and tapping the screen with a second finger to rotate the puzzle piece either left or right! If you cannot turn the block then devices does not support multi touch!

    In Puzzle mode you get 3 puzzle pieces to choose from and when you pick one it gets replaced by a new puzzle piece.
    If there is a puzzle piece that you don’t like just drag it to the trashcan and you will get a new piece, this will cost you 100 points and will deduct 5 seconds from your gametime so use with care!

    If you use 20+ colored blocks to connect to the Tetrizzle core you will get a Color Changer, for a 30+ flood you will get a Block Eraser, a 50+ flood will give you a flood filler and 80+ will give you a Tetrizzle (This will clean the whole playing field when pressing the button left from the pause button) To use color changer, block eraser or flood filler just put your finger on the barrel and slide up and drop where you need it!

    In Arcade mode the block scroll by and you can pick the one you need, but be careful every block you let go will cost you one second of your precious gametime!

    If you can complete level 10 then Medium levels get unlocked and if you can complete level 20 Hard levels will be unlocked.

    There are 30 levels in total, more will be added later!

    This game is NOT Tetris but it is as addictive if not more!

    Featured in this Free Tetrizzle version :

    ★ New, original and infinite gameplay!
    ★ Multi Touch gestures!
    ★ For all ages from kids to adults!
    ★ High resolution grahics
    ★ Social networking with PlayPhone
    ★ Worldwide leaderboards!
    ★ Lots of achievements to unlock!
    ★ Optional live background
    ★ Best Puzzle Game of 2012 !

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