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    Published: 2013-11-27, by .

    Prevent the cat from getting out!

    • Makes you think
    • Frustrating
    • Graphics could be better

    "Save Prexy"

    Pexy is a cat abandoned by its family who wants to wander free. Your job is to protect it by surrounding it with cages before she jumps out of the pond.

    Complete every level by surrounding Pexy, taking into account all its probable next moves.

    A game which is more complex than it really seems, as you need to plan your moves and choose the best place to place the next cage. However, design could really be enhanced, as graphics aren't perfect.

    Apex Knowledge, LLC. is the developer of Pexy and all of its different versions. Keep in mind that the lite version only includes one level.

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    Nov 27, 2013


    Pexy has escaped you need to Trap Pexy before she jumps out of the pond.

    The goal of each level is to trap Pexy by surrounding her with cages before she jumps out of the pond. Watch out Pexy is a smart kitty and will try to dodge your blocking attempts! The game is over if Pexy escapes the pond by jumping onto one of the edges. Pexy can jump in 8 different directions to any of the adjacent grass patches that does not have a cage on it. Earn points by completely levels and by blocking Pexy.

    Cardboard moving box
    Blocking Points: 50

    Wood cage
    Blocking Points: 100

    Steel cage
    Blocking Points: 150

    Match Bonus:
    Receive a bonus for each match found. Keep matching until you find the animal control officer. To start the Match Bonus round you must block Pexy with 5 cages of the same type. You can get a Match Bonus every 5 times, so block Pexy with 10 of the same cages and you would get 2 Match Bonus rounds. You can only get the Match Bonus once for each time Pexy jumps and not on the final escaping jump.

    Completed Level Points:
    1-10 - 1,000 points
    11-20 - 2,000 points
    21-30 - 3,000 points
    31-40 - 4,000 points
    41-50 - 5,000 points
    51-60 - 6,000 points
    61-70 - 7,000 points
    71-80 - 8,000 points
    81-90 - 9,000 points
    91-100 - 10,000 points

    High Score - Highest Score achieved during a game
    High Levels - Highest Level achieved
    Fast Catches - Fastest time to complete a level

    High Score - Earn these awards by getting a score of 5000, 25000, and 50000
    High Levels - Earn these awards by completing levels 10, 50, and 100
    Fast Catches - Earn these awards by completing a level within 30 seconds, 15 seconds, and 10 seconds

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