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    TRIVIA 4 CASH is the most entertaining and financially rewarding trivia game on the market! Compete against friends and other players from around the world in this triva quiz game to fight for the top score and the monthly prize of $100.00!!! With thousands of questions you will be playing Trivia 4 Cash for days.

    The way it works is simple, answer the questions before the time runs out and get the highest score. The trick though is to use "Power Ups" to boost your score to the highest level. Download and open free apps to get credits in order to get "Power Ups" before each game. Then, use either the Skip, More Time, or 50/50 Power Ups to get the highest score and win the $100.00 prize!

    Unlike Who Becomes Rich or Burst Trivia, Trivia 4 Cash offers a real cash prize to the highest score each month. You finally have the chance to answer a few trivia questions and win big! Play Trivia 4 Cash today and win some big bucks while having fun at the same time.

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