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    Turncoat is an original game from TopAccolades, designed by David Wolstenholme, for two players, with novel characteristics.

    Although played on the same 8x8 board as Reversi (sold commercially as Othello), and using two-sided playing pieces, the mode of play is quite different:
    a) Both players have their own boards;
    b) All the pieces in play are already on the boards, with both players having identical layouts;
    c) The players choose, in secret, which piece they wish to turn;
    d) For each player, the selected piece is turned, as are any pieces trapped between this piece and another piece of the same colour;
    e) Both players must then also turn the pieces selected by their opponent, again also turning any trapped pieces. All turning is, of course, carried out by the system based on the selections made.

    The objective is to achieve a board with all pieces showing black.

    Full Help facility.

    Also available from if you cannot download from the Android Market. Versions for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Nokia, Windows PCs and Macs also available from there.

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