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    FULL AD-FREE VERSION OF SMILEYS WAY OUT with premium mode already unlocked.
    A Maze game? A Labyrinth game? A Pipe game?
    YES, its a A Fun puzzle game with rotating pipes as the pieces of the maze with a very cute smiley trapped inside it.
    Its a very new, Innovative maze puzzle game with 200+ levels
    Your aim is to roll the smiley to the exit hole by creating a path in the board as you move ahead towards the exit. The blocks of the puzzle are rotating and many times you need to create paths in steps. Move smiley and then reuse the block to change your path.
    Just tilt your device to move the smiley. Sounds very easy, right! and yes, its very easy but only for the first few levels. After that you will need to take out the best out of your brain.
    Also, There are some surprise blocks. take care of those tiles while your smiley passes through them.
    Smiley have always helped you to express yourself when words ran away from you, now its payback time. Smiley is trapped in a tube maze.
    Make the smiley smiling again, by helping him find his way out.
    Use your wit to help him crack the intensely puzzled levels and in return Smiley will reveal the letters to earn you free goodies.
    Game is packed with 3 modes
    ------> Free mode with 50+ levels
    ------> premium mode with 150+ levels and solutions
    ------> Unlockable Fun Mode

    Lots of fun is packed in these well designed 200+ levels. Gorgeously cute graphics and new unique puzzle ideas is what we would say as best investment of your time.

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