Play Tractor or Fight the Landlord game on your SmartPhone or Tablet.


    Tractor is a game for four players. These players are in two fixed partnerships, partners sitting opposite each other. A double deck of standard international cards is used, with four jokers. The object of the game is to win tricks containing kings, tens and fives. Kings and tens are worth 10 points each, fives are worth 5 points each, and all other cards are worthless.

    Fight the Landlord is a game for three players. A single deck of standard international cards is used, with two jokers. In each hand one player, the "landlord", plays alone and the others form a team. The landlord's aim is to be the first to play out all his cards in valid combinations, and the team wins if any one of them manages to play all their cards before the landlord.

    拖拉机, 升级, 80分, 斗地主, Tractor, Fight the Landlord

    v4.0: supports multiple players
    v3.0: AI improvements
    v2.0: new AI
    v1.0: initial version

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