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    Avoidance is a card game / cards where main goal (and only goal) is avoid to have a trick card after the final round of the game. A deck of the cards is the classical one i.e. four suits and each suit has 13 cards and among cards an ace is the highest one.

    Not to have the trick card after the final round of the game and especially to win a tournament a luck is not enough. You will need some skills too. Three levels for artificial intelligence are provided. Therefore Avoidance is also suitable for children.

    The tournament consists of four pieces. Pieces are a match, a game, a round and a turn. The match is completed then when some one achieved three points and will be eliminated from the tournament. Player will get one point if player has the trick card after the final round of the game. During the round each player, who are still in the tournament, will put one card. During the turn player must honor a suit of the latest trick card. The trick card holder is determined after every round.

    There are four participant at the beginning of the tournament. Three of the participants are played by computer and one is played by you.

    This application is ads free and has not further costs.

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