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    AKA Shut the Box or Canoga. This is a simple game and I have put a few of my own twists on it. Read further down or check the help section if you have any questions.

    If you liked the free version, please purchase this registered version. I’m not looking to get rich, just cover the cost of the software needed to make it and the fee I had to pay Google Play to get it out here… well… and maybe a few drinks next time in Pattaya. Look at it this way - If we had met in a beer bar and I said I would give you a copy for a drink, would you do it? So send me a buck and register. If perchance we meet in Pattaya Beach and you have a registered version with you… I’ll buy you a drink.

    You can get the free version at: There is a 10 day trial (just long click the picture on the Setup Page). If you just can’t part with the dollar the Reg code is not that big of a hack. Everything you need is right there.

    The windows version with a built in picture cropping utility is also available at The Windows version is not as nice as the Android version but the built in picture crop section works pretty good. And it is free… still working on the Windows version so you might want to check back from time to time and see if there is a new version.

    Some of my “Twists” are:
    1. Three different play modes:
    . a. The Rules that came with the box

    . b. A slight mod on the rules that came with the box
    (always uses two dice)

    . c. The standard beer bar rules. Just as you would play in Thailand (you can even cheat and throw in that last extra roll. Just to see.)

    . d. Twelve Tile Game – Uses 12 tiles to cover one large picture. Rules above still apply

    2. Wild Dice: adds a seventh side to the dice. Use a wild die as any number 1-6

    3. Four different display modes:
    . a. Standard lay out - Just like the boxes in the bars (OK so I took pictures of my game box)

    . b. Custom Tiles – Replace the .JACKPOT. with any 9 characters you want (like *KISS*ME* or ILOVEYOU)

    . c. Personal Pictures (Small) Create any number of JPG’s you want and they will be displayed in place of the letters.

    . d. The 12 tile game always uses a picture.

    4. Use the picture editor to make as many Large or Small Pictures as you want. Small pics are used in place of the letter tiles and the large pics are use in the 12 tile game. Storage locations for pictures are listed on the setup page in the game. check the help file for picture sizing. you can also have it play a movie clip when you win.