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    Counting cards is the art of keeping track of which cards have come out in a blackjack game and adjusting your betting as such. When a 2 through 7 are dealt, your count should be increased by 1 and when a 10 through A are dealt, you should decrease your count by 1. When the count is 0, you have at the very least a 1% advantage over the house. As the count gets higher, your advantage becomes greater. This is due to the fact that it has been proven that the more face cards that are in the deck, the higher your chances of winning are because the house has a greater likelyhood of busting.
    This app can be used in conjunction with online casinos that offer live blackjack dealers and the basic understanding of blackjack to count cards and gain an edge over the house. The best casino to use this app would be as they are still available in the U.S. and offer live dealers. This app can also be used to learn how to count cards with the practice mode which cycles randomly through a deck of cards while you keep count in your head. Work up through the speeds until your able to count cards without even thinking about it.
    The use of this app is discouraged in a brick and mortar casino because, although counting cards is not illegal, it is discouraged and casinos can ask you to leave.
    This app does not guarantee the making of money. We are not responsible for losses incurred while using our program. This is simply a program that will tell you when you may have an advantage over the house, and shouldn't be relied upon. Always use caution when playing at casinos with real money because you should be prepared to lose it all. Although counting cards does provide an advantage over the house, it should be noted that tens of thousands of hands need to be played to realize this advantage. This is because in the short run your advantage averages out, but in the long run your advantage should be greater. Again, this is a theory and should be used with caution before betting real money.

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    by stikmansears

    Jan 13, 2016  |  "Poor"

    No Worky.

    Andrew chapman

    by Andrew chapman

    Jan 25, 2013  |  "OK"

    Needs a lot of work. Lags way much for such a simple equation. You do not even show the players chances of winning. I personally preferr hi-low over ko but hey whatever you want. Fix the lag make a better interface and it's a good app.