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    Out camping? Visiting friends? At a party?
    Really want to play a card game but can't find a deck of cards?
    Try Card Deck Games - the card deck always in your phone!

    Card Deck Games is a virtual deck of cards, including the card games, so you don't have to remember the rules or make sure nobody cheats!
    Want to play a card game you've played often and really like?
    Want to try a new game?
    Using bluetooth, Card Deck Games connects you with your friends locally so you can play face to face, as if you were using a real card deck.

    Please note that this is (currently) a multiplayer bluetooth game, that allows you to play with your friends, not a single player card game app.

    Current games:
    * Hearts
    * Thirty-One
    * Oh hell
    * Chicago
    and more

    More card games are added continuously.
    If you have suggestions for new card games to add, or additional rules for existing card games, visit our facebook page and make a comment to let us know -!
    Card Deck Games will also be localised into several languages - please let us know what language you would like.

    * All current games require bluetooth connections to other players. There are no solitaire games yet (I've had no requests).
    * Bluetooth is not working great on Android 2.3.3 and the app might be buggy there. If possible, try to use a device with a newer Android version as host.

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