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    Guiñote Android is the first card game based on the Android Guiñote Aragonés. The rules are the original Guiñote Aragonés. His players play as the best players of this great card game Aragonés.

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    Participate in exciting global tournaments!
    Save all your progress, your scores and your games online!
    Wifi Play along to 3 friends together and enjoy a game of Guiñote!
    Compete to be the best against players from around the world!
    Invite your friends, the more friends you have, the greater your achievement!

    Fight for the top spot in this fantastic World card game Guiñote Online Android! You can upload your results and your stats to our Online Ranking and discover what position these, and how much you have left to become the best player Guiñote!

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    ANDROID Guiñote designed for you!
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    single, dedicated artificial intelligence! - With three difficulty levels, which vary by the player.
    playing cards up to 4 friends in multiplayer mode! - The LAN connection is required and does not consume Internet resources.
    Graphs compiled DTX5 quality!
    Card Game Optimized for any size of mobile
    No fault with the original rules and the originality of the Android platform.

    If you like to go to town, playing cards and games to lend Guiñote all afternoon, or go to the bar with your friends and get to play all day Guiñote, sure you liked all that fun to take your mobile with this card game. Enjoy Guiñote first game for Android!

    - Guiñote is the first game available for Android from the famous card game the Guiñote Aragonés.

    - You can play with up to 4 of our friends in LAN, or playing against a single system of AI (Artificial Intelligence) designed a 100%

    - Have special rules and regulations of Aragon Guiñote original, based on professional players and a very strong internal structure.

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    *********** FEATURES *************
    Android Guiñote uses an OpenGL 2.0 graphics and textures DTX5, compiled Tegra. Android has Guiñote based AI Aragoneses players who have played their whole lives to guiñote.
    Guiñote Android uses a LAN to play on multiple devices without using the internet

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