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    The best multiplayer Chinese Poker game for Android. Play with up to three other players online in this turn-based multiplayer game. You can either invite specific players/friends or play against random opponents.

    This implementation of Chinese Poker has focused on the user experience, ease of play and fun. Since there is no betting in the game of Chinese Poker, it is very well suited for the mobile phone usage pattern. You don't need to sit down for an hour and focus on the game - simply spend 30 seconds layout out your hand when it's your turn, commit your hand and wait for the result to pop in when your opponent(s) have played.

    The rules of Chinese Poker are simple: Each players get 13 cards. You must split your hand in three sets: Front, Middle and Back. Each sets represents a poker hand. The Front set will have three cards and can therefore maximum be three-of-a-kind (trips). The Back set must beat the Middle set. The Middle set must beat the Front set. After committing your sets, each set is compared against the corresponding set of the other opponent(s). One point is given for each set you win, and the total is calculated. In addition to this, Royalties are calculated for special hands, like four of a kind Back or trips in Front. See in-game help for details.

    - Supports Froyo and newer phones
    - Tailored user interface for tablets.

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