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    Published: 2013-07-19, by .

    CJ Poker Odds Calculator automatically calculates the odds to win Texas Holde'm Poker hand

    • Fast calculation
    • Add up to 10 players
    • Show/hide any card and re-calculate odds
    • Design
    • Needs a more intuitive way to hide/show cards

    "Poker isn't about luck rather than knowing the odds"

    You like playing and watching poker, I know it but... do you like Math? You should if you want to become a good player. If you didn't pay attention at Math class, you can know try to learn the odds you have in simulated hands thanks to this app. Let's see how.

    First off, you have to add the players in the table (up to 10). Then select your cards, your opponent's cards, the flop, turn and river. Of course, you can calculate the odds at any time, with any of those cards faced down (yours, your opponents' or any of the faced-up cards). This way you can learn how valuable are different hands and how situation changes gradually as more cards are shown.

    Besides using it for learning, you can actually use it when playing poker with your friends to analyze if it was smart folding or keeping on with a hand. That's the better way to improve your skills.

    The only thing you can set from settings is the speed of calculation. The design isn't outstanding and it can be certainly enhanced at this point, especially trying to lay out a more intuitive way to show/hide cards. Besides, the app does what it says properly and some may find it really useful.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jul 19, 2013


    Poker odds calculator for Texas Hold'em.

    Input optionally players’ cards and board cards. Then simulates the Win% (Equity%) for each player!!! (Accuracy adjustable)


    - It’s OPTIONAL to input the players’ cards. You don’t need to know your opponents’ cards for the app to work, but if you do know, you can input their cards if you want!!!

    - SPEED and ACCURACY ADJUSTABLE in option menu

    - GRAPHICAL user interface

    - Completely FREE!!! NO ADVERTISEMENT!!!

    - Prevents the user to enter the same card twice

    - Fast!!!

    - BIG buttons and font, designed to be user friendly

    - Helpful color coding of Win% (Equity %)

    Please give me an email if you find a bug or want me to improve anything:


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