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    Cribbage is a card game for two players or up to four, using a standard 52 card pack. Cards rank KQ J10....32A. The objective of the game is for a player to score 121 points before the other and win the game. Before the game starts each player draws a card. The player draws a lower card deals first and each player takes turn to be the dealer in successive hands. The loser of the game is to be the dealer in the next game. The game then proceeds as follow :-
    1) The dealer deals 6 cards face down to each player one at a time. The remaining cards are placed face down as stock.
    2) Each player discards two cards face down to form the crib. The crib will count for the dealer. Therefore the non-dealer will try to discard two cards to form a crib least valuable to the dealer.
    3) The non-dealer cuts a card in the face down stock and place it face up on the top of the stock. The face up card is called the “start” card. If the start card is a Jack, the dealer gains two points.
    4) The non-dealer start to place a card from his/her hand face up in front of his/herself. Ace is counted as one, all picture cards are counted as ten, all number cards are counted as their face value. And then each player takes turn to play this step.
    5) A player has to stop placing a card face up and say “Go” when all the face up cards of both players add up to 31, or will exceed 31 if to place another card face up. If after placing a card and all the face up cards add up to exactly 31, the player gain two points.
    6) A player who cannot place a card since it will exceed 31 has to pass for its opponent to play. If the opponent can neither place a card, the player who places its last card gains one point. All the face up cards are then turned over and placed aside.
    7) The opponent of the player who placed the last card repeats playing from step 4. If he or she has no card left on hand, then the other player keeps on playing from step 4 until there is no card on hand.
    8) You can gain more points during the play as follow :-
    8.1) You gain 2 points if you play a card and the total face up cards add up to 15.
    8.2) You gain 2 points if you play a card which has the same rank as the previous face up card ( Pair).
    8.3) You gain 6 points if you play a card which has the same rank as the previous pair of face up cards (Pair Royal).
    8.4) You gain 12 if you play a card which has the same rank as the previous three face up cards (Double Pair Royal).
    8.5) You gain points if you play a card which can form a set of running cards with the previous cards such as you play 7 and the previous two cards are 8 and 6 or 6 and 8. The points gained are equal to the number of running cards in this case 3. And if your opponent plays a card of 9, he/she gains 4 points.
    9) When both players have no card on hand, there is another round of scoring points from their played cards combined with the start card. The scoring starts first with the non-dealer according to a set of rules such as :-
    a) Any combination of card add up to 15 scores 2 point for each combination. For example if your hand has card K Q 5 3 2 the card combinations which add up to 15 are K 5, K 3 2, Q 5, Q 3 2. therefore you gain 8 points.
    b) Three cards of consecutive rank (irrespective of suit), such as A 2 3, score 3 points for a run. A hand such as 6 7 7 8 scores 12 points:- 3 points of 6 7 x 8 , 3 points from
    6 x 7 8, 4 point from x 7 x 8 ( add up 15) and x x 7 8, 2 points from x 7 7 x.
    10) Then the dealer scores point from his/her hand similarly as step 9.
    11) Finally the dealer displays the four cards in the crib and scores them with the start card. The scoring is similar to step 9.1 to step 9.3. If only all four cards in the crib have the same suit with the start card, then the dealer gain 5 points.
    12) As soon as a player's score reaches or exceeds 121 at any stage of the game, he/she wins the game and the game ends.

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