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    Published: 2014-05-15, by Peter Warrior.

    A CCG with original artwork

    • Artwork
    • All the flaws of the genre: no interaction, no animations, taptaptap quests

    "Thy Kingdom Come"

    Market is overrun by Collectible Card Games, so every time is harder to find unique and original ideas. Although Eternal Uprising isn't original in any way and all the features it brings are those you would undoubtedly expect, at least it has an original approach regarding artwork.

    In fact, unless you're an otaku freak, you can bet artwork is colorful and sinister at the same time. Pretty gorgeous. However, as in many other games in the genre, it's poorly animated when not static. The few animations you'll see correspond to summonings and so, fancy to be seen for the first time but unregrettably skippable thereafter.

    You can choose among six races, though there are few if any changes at all, at least at the first levels. Quests are one-tap quests with no tactics or strategy of any way. All the usual mix and evolve stuff is present here, too.

    Recommendable if you're already bored of your usual mainstream CCG or haven't ever played one: this one is as good as any other to start with, and isn't especially aggressive regarding in-app purchases.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 15, 2014


    For Android Phones, the lowest OS version Eternal Uprising can support is Android OS version 2.3.3
    For Android Tablets, the lowest OS version Eternal Uprising can support is Android OS version 3.2

    Become the hero of the apocalypse and restore the ruined world!

    A dark fantasy card game populated with powerful gods, angels, and monsters known as Legends. Assemble the most powerful Legends and restore the world from the grasp of the Seven Sin Demons!

    In a world without heroes, the dark nature of man has led to chaos and despair. As sinners spread their influence, they gave birth to the 7 Demons, each representing one of the seven deadly sins. But all hope has not been lost! The Oracle Marianne has scoured the earth for the chosen heroes, who together will defeat the Seven Sins and restore balance to the world. Surrounded by darkness,you must embark on a perilous journey to bring light back to the world and revive the once great civilization of mankind!

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