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    [Optimized for Tablets, but also supports smaller screens]

    The classic card game of Euchre for one player. You and your robot partner play against two robot partners. Fun for all skill levels. Features adjustable robot skill level to change play style of robot opponents. Track progress with game statistics and player ranking. In game speech to announce Trump, Score, and more!!

    This version of Euchre plays A's down to 9's with scoring up to 15 by default. Play to score can be adjusted between 5 and 21. Features a simple and intuitive touch screen user interface for hours of fun!

    Try our FREE version before you buy... That way you can be sure you like the game and it plays well on your Android device.

    Euchre / Euchre Tablet

    Settings Menu Options:
    Card Spin (On/Off):
    On = Each card played has a spin effect
    Off = No spin animation

    Card Spin Snap (On/Off):
    On = Spinning cards snap into a vertical position
    Off = Cards land in random positions

    Card Sort (Off/1/2):
    Off = Cards in hand not sorted
    1 = Cards sorted by denomination
    2 = Cards sorted by denomination and suite

    Streak Win (5/10/25):
    Number of wins required to score a Streak Point (total shown in Star)
    From middle of Streak Meter (EVEN):
    5 = 5 Wins
    10 = 10 Wins
    25 = 25 Wins

    Leaderboards (On/Off)
    Enable/Disable Online Leaderboards

    View Mode (0/1/2):
    1 = View partner's cards
    2 = View ALL players cards
    0 = View only your cards

    Trump Roll (On/Off):
    On = A roll for Trump occurs if no players order up flop card or call trump on the second pass.

    Stick Dealer (On/Off):
    On = Dealer forced to decide trump other than flop card if no players order up flop card or call trump on the second pass.

    Hand Dim Plus
    0 = Off
    1 = Dim unplayable cards
    2 = Dim unplayable cards + highlight playable trump
    3 = Dim unplayable cards + highlight playable trump + center hand
    4 = Dim unplayable cards + highlight playable trump + left align hand

    Skill Level (0 to 5):
    Partner/Opponent Skill Level (0=dumber/5=smarter)

    Play Speed (1 to 5):
    Game play speed (1 = slowest/5=fastest)

    Play To Pts:
    Set game score to play to (Min=5/Max=21)

    Reset Statistics:
    Reset Win/Loss Statistics

    Game Sound (On/Off):
    Toggle game sounds on and off.

    Return to Game:
    Save changes to settings and return to game

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