Five Card Draw

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    Five Card Draw is a Five Card Draw poker game. You plays against a robot and take turn to be the dealer. You are the dealer for the first game. The non dealer which is the opponent in the first game posts a big blind which is a forced bet amount while you as the dealer posts a small blind which is half of the big blind amount. Each player is then dealt five cards, one at a time, all face down. After seeing his/her cards, a betting round begins. The betting stops when both sides have made bet(s) until the bet amounts of both sides match. If one of the player “folds”, the other player win the game. If both players still hold the cards, each player can change any or all of his/her cards in hope of a better poker hand. After the cards changing, another round of betting begins. After the betting, each player shows his/her cards. The player with a better hand wins the pot.