Funny Card Playing Game




    Looking for a new card game experience???
    This game, Funny Card Game, one of the most popular card game,is coming now on your phone.

    About Game User Interface:

    The user interface is very fresh and stylish.
    There are six buttons on the main user interface,including Help,Continue,New game and Setting,etc.
    If you are a master for this game,you could play the game directly.
    However,if you are not familiar with the game,you could click the Help button to learn more about how to

    play this game.

    Click the New game to start to play the funny card game.
    During the game,if you exit the game suddenly,press the Continue button to go on.

    Before playing the game,you could click the button of Settings to set.
    In the Settings,you are able to set:

    ---Game speed.The game speed includes very fast,fast,normal,slow and very slow.
    ---You are enabled to select to use two decks instead of one.
    ---Computer 4th.Have a computer to play the 4th(south) seat;mostly useful for testing.
    ---Vibrate.In the settings,it allows you to open the vibration or not.
    ---Sound.It is the same with vibration.Select it or not.
    ---Face up.You could select to play with the cards face up which is useful for learning the game or for

    ---Cheat level. Cheat level is accessible.Provided cheat levels consist of honest,rascal,scoundrel and dirtbag.
    ---Cheat codes.Set your own cheat code.
    ---Player.Amongst set the skill and aggression of other three players of East,West and North.

    While playing this game,you could draw card,pass and fast forward.
    In addition,you could also check the detailed card information.
    The app will remind you how should you do next step automatically.
    So that you could save much time and energy to think.