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    This is the Games4All version of Euchre:
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    Euchre is a card game that is popular in a large portion of the English speaking world. Games4All offers you the North American variant, which is the most widely played.

    Euchre is a trick-taking game for four players in fixed partnerships, with partners sitting opposite from each other.

    Each player is dealt 5 cards from a deck consisting of 24 cards: 9, ten, jack, queen, king, ace from each of the four suits.

    The trump suit has 7 cards, from high to low:
    - Right Bower: the jack of the trump suit
    - Left Bower: the other jack of the same color as the trump suit
    - Ace
    - King
    - Queen
    - Ten
    - Nine

    The other suits have 6 or 5 cards: Ace, King, Queen, (Jack), Ten, Nine.

    After the deal one of the remaining cards is turned face up. This up-card is used in the first round where each player is turn is offered the suit of the up-card as trump beginning with the player after the dealer. If a player accepts, that player becomes the leader and the up-card is given to the dealer. The dealer must then discard one of his cards and play begins.

    If a player rejects the trump suit, the next player is given a chance.
    When all four players reject the trump suit, the up-card is removed from the game and the first player is allowed to select a trump suit from the remaining suits.
    If that player passes, the next player may select a trump suit. If all four player pass the game ends in a tie. the dealer is allowed to select one of the remaining three suits as trump.

    Before play commences, the leader may choose to "go alone". This means his partner will not participate in this hand, effectively making this a three-player hand.

    The player to the left of the leader leads the first trick. Any card may be led and each player in clockwise order must follow suit if possible. A player who cannot follow suit may play any card.

    The winner of the trick is the player who played the highest trump card, or the highest card of the suit led if no trump was played. The left bower is considered to belong to the trump suit for all intents and purposes.
    The winner of the previous trick leads the next trick.

    - If the leader plays alone and wins 5 tricks the lead team scores 4 points.
    - If the lead team wins 5 tricks without playing alone they score 2 points.
    - If the lead team wins 3 or 4 tricks they score 1 point.
    - Otherwise the lead team is euchred and the defenders score 2 points.

    The first team to score 10 points wins the match.

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    Chris Smith

    by Chris Smith

    Dec 24, 2017  |  "OK" there a game that does t cheat. I have played euchre for years in person. Never have lost this much... seriously

    Patrick Jackman

    by Patrick Jackman

    Aug 08, 2015  |  "Great"

    I am enjoying very much

    Anthony Calow

    by Anthony Calow

    Apr 28, 2015  |  "Good"

    I've just had the SAME hand dealt for the 4th time!! Also when I lead a winning trump, my partner over trumps and then leads back a losing card!! Come on G4A, SORT IT OUT. This could be one of the best games out there, but it's let down by silly faults!!

    Jim Petiton

    by Jim Petiton

    Mar 11, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Overall this is fun

    Joe Seibold

    by Joe Seibold

    Oct 22, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    A very nice Euchre app. Fun game to play anytime.

    Betty Buchanan

    by Betty Buchanan

    Oct 10, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Card game