Hearts V+




    Hearts is a classic card game, full of skill and strategy. Unless you attempt to ‘Shoot the Moon’, simply avoid collecting the Hearts.

    There can be few things in life which are more frustrating than being beaten by luck! To have your card playing ability and experience fall victim to a lucky deal can cause players much irritation. Hearts, however, is a game which regularly brings victory for skilled players over their less skillful opponents through its depth of strategy.

    Hearts supports all the usual features you would expect from a ZingMagic game, including numerous game play variations, reviewing the game, take-back and replay of moves, display of the previous move and hints.

    Game features:
    * Multiple levels of play. Each computer player can have any strength from beginner to expert.
    * Best of breed artificial intelligence engine, better than most PC Hearts engines.
    * Multiple display and card playing options to suit your individual preference.
    * Support for three different Passing cards game variations.
    * Support for Queen of Spades breaking Hearts game variation.
    * Support for Ten or Jack of Diamonds as a bonus card game variation.
    * Full undo and redo of moves.
    * Hints.
    * Hearts is just one of our large collection of best of breed free classic board, card and puzzle games available for a wide range of platforms.

    Privacy info:
    Please note that this game is ad-funded. We generate income to pay for the support and development of the game from advertising. The advertising and social media services use anonymous device identifiers, local storage and cookies. By downloading and continuing to use this game you consent to this information being collected and shared with our advertising and social media partners.

    You can choose to remove the adverts via the built in IAP.

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