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    Its the classic fun card game "Speed" with decks themed as the joker cards of Insane Clown Posse's Dark Carnival.
    Requires two players but only one android device, there is no 1 player mode nor is there a computer to play against, so yea you'll need a friend.

    This game will work on any screen size, phone or tablet.

    Race your friends, great party game or car game or play a stranger under the stall in the bathroom i don't care.

    In case you don't know how to play speed, because its not as popular as poker i guess..
    Rules: both players are given 20 cards, only 5 at a time are faced up. 2 cards are faced up in the middle, pick 1 of your 5 cards to place onto either of the 2 cards in the middle if they are 1 lower or higher than those cards (example: you can place an ace on a king, place a 10 on a jack, place a 6 on a 5 etc).

    if neither player has a card to put down than press the "GO!!" button in the middle to draw for the two cards in the middle, then keep playing. First player to get rid of all their 20 cards wins!!

    Restart the game by turning the screen vertically up and then back to horizontal.

    rate this shit 5 stars bitch.

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