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    The definitive FreeCell app is here! Introducing King Solitaire - FreeCell!

    FreeCell, that game we all know and love from our PCs, is now available for your smartphone or tablet!

    This marks our fourth solitaire app, and we've poured a whopping 4 years of experience into bringing you a true digital masterpiece!

    - You'll find the smooth, responsive control of the smash hit Solitaire Victory here!
    - For fans of Princess*Solitaire, the visuals are customizable! Switch up the look to suit your mood!
    - This app has user interface which easy to use with in common with "King Solitaire - Klondike".

    - New features, themes, and options!
    - We've made major improvements for this FreeCell-only release! Jump into an even better, immersive gaming experience!
    - Get your hands on this stellar FreeCell app FREE!

    Check out King Solitaire - FreeCell now!
    -At firstly, let's choose game mode from easy or standard.
    "4 different modes, with up to 8 possible gameplay patterns if you include dealing options!
    - You can also try your hand at DoubleFreeCell, using 2 decks!
    - Choose from standard dealing or the special option Winnable Deal.

    Our experience shows in the tight controls!

    - Responsive controls are optimized for your touchscreen! Intuitive tap and drag controls help you keep cards moving at a brisk pace.
    - Layouts are optimized to fit the screen of your device, whatever it may be! You can also choose your preferred card size if using a tablet.

    New themes and designs abound! Customize as you please!

    - 5 types of card fronts, 12 different card backs, and 12 backgrounds provide virtually endless combinations!
    - You can use your own images for card backs and backgrounds via your device's Gallery!
    - Randomize card backs and backgrounds if you like surprises!

    Customize the display to fit your play style!

    - Choose from portrait or landscape orientations.
    - An optimized screen design offers a plethora of options for controls and how the device is held.
    - Toggle screen rotation (on/off, fixed portrait, fixed landscape).

    Play using the index finger of your dominant hand while holding the device with your other hand (or setting it down). Works well with both portrait and landscape orientations.

    Play using the thumb of the hand holding your device. Works best with the portrait view.

    Hold your device with both hands and play using both thumbs. Works best with the landscape view.

    Individual elements of the gameplay screen can be moved around too! Choose the layout that suits you best!

    - Specify your dominant hand and toggle the location of the stock (left/right)!
    - Portrait and landscape orientations each include 3 different layouts to choose from!
    - You can alter the size of the vertical intervals in tableaus, as well as the positioning of the foundations and stock!
    - Move the toolbar around via the Options screen!

    Having trouble winning? Try the Winnable Deal!

    - While skill is a big factor, luck of the draw is also key.
    - Under standard rules you're dealt cards randomly, sometimes resulting in games impossible to win.
    - The Winnable Deal option, however, deals cards for a game that has been verified to be winnable!

    This app is bursting with features to play your way!

    - Step up and beat your personal best if you're looking for a challenge! The game keeps track of your stats and high scores via My Records!
    - Itching to show your buddies who's boss? Beat your friends and post your score on Facebook, Twitter, or LINE for sweet satisfaction!
    - See how you measure up against players around the globe via the World Ranking chart!

    And that's not all! Other features include:

    - Infinite undos
    - Auto-saving when your game is interrupted
    - SD card installation

    Don't miss the definitive FreeCell experience!

    If you likes klondike, try our "King Solitaire - Klondike"!

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