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    Mäxchen – a fun party game increasing everyone’s sense of well-being

    Graphic design by Unter freiem Himmel

    also known as:
    Meiern, Meier, Mäx(le), Lügenmax

    It’s easy to play:

    1) Roll the dice by shaking your smartphone or tablet
    2) Open the dice cup by swiping your finger across the screen. Then look at the number you rolled but do not show the other players.
    3) Close the cup and hand your smartphone to the next player. Tell him/her which number you rolled – here you can either lie or tell the truth.
    4) The next player now has two options:
    - Either they believe you, in which case they do not open the cup but roll the dice again – now they have to roll a higher number than yours and hand it to the next player (remember – they can also lie about the number they rolled)
    - Or they do not believe you, in which case they open the cup to see whether you were telling the truth.
    If you’re caught lying, you’re deducted a point. If you were telling the truth, the other player loses a point.

    The possible numbers in ascending value order:
    31, 32, 41, 42, 43, 51, ..., 65, 11 (double 1), 22, ..., 66 (double 6), 21 ("Mäxchen")

    Note: the rolled numbers always begin with the higher number – e.g. there is no number „13“ only „31“.

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