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    Medalla is Full-scale medals drop game.(ver1.9)

    - A lot of medals fall?! Preeminent for invigoration!
    - A lot of medals is got with a jackpot!
    - Music heaps up this game!
    - World rankings are supported.[ver 1.4]
    - Online Mode![ver 1.9]

    How to play [Medalla].
    A medal will be thrown in the screen if tap of [TAP ME].
    If a medal goes into a slot checker, a slot will spin!
    If a medal is put into a slider, medals will increase in number, so put in a medal rapidly.
    If seven gather, a medal will fall a lot! It is invigorating!
    Since there are BINGO, a jackpot, and various modes, it does not get bored.

    [Variegated game mode]
    - Slot chain mode
    - Combo level up mode
    - Bingo mode
    - Extra slot mode
    - Jackpot challenge
    - Fever chance(online only)

    Explanation and the details of a way which play ask you
    for access to a [website] from application various menus.

    An opinion and comment

    Version 1.8
    Updated on April 12 , 2012
    - On-line beta balance adjustment
    - Jackpot history screen addition
    - Change of menu processing
    - Collection rare medals is added
    - Effects addition
    - Sound effect addition
    - Others

    Version 1.7
    Updated on March 27 , 2012
    [Updating information]
    - Added Online Beta.
    - Other bug fixes.

    Version 1.6
    Updated on February 6 , 2012
    [Updating information]
    - Change of an information screen.
    - User's registration was impossible in some devices that was fixed.
    - Other bug fixes.

    Version 1.5
    Updated on January 26 , 2012
    [Updating information]
    - Fixed freeze and crash bugs
    - Improved performance

    Version 1.4
    Updated on January 20 , 2012
    [Updating information]
    - World rankings are supported
    - Added some effects
    - Optimization
    When you check ranking, tap of the category of the stats screen.

    Version 1.3
    Updated on January 1 , 2012

    [Updating information]
    - Supported Android 2.2
    - Add Hi-Speed Slider
    - Add Bingo mode assist
    - Optimization

    Version 1.2
    Updated on December 22 , 2011

    [Updating information]
    - Add BIG BALL
    A catch of a big ball will add various balls.
    A red medal is thrown in.
    If this goes into a slider, possession medals will increase in number 2 point.
    - Add effects
    - Add sounds
    - When sJP(Super Jackpot Challenge), three special balls are added!
    A super jackpot will be decided if this ball enters in jackpot pocket.
    - The graphics of medals were changed
    - Add Christmas version slot
    - Slot background color change function
    - An improvement of processing speed
    - Other bugs fix

    Version 1.1
    Updated on December 5 , 2011

    [Updating information]
    In-app bug fix.

    Thanks and have fun!!
    Medalla Team

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