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    Fuji TV's popular game show "Numer0n" is now an Android app, with online competition features!
    Compete against players worldwide!

    ★More than 3.4 million downloads achieved!
    ★Unfamiliar with the rules? Use the interactive tutorial mode,
    accessible from the tutorial button on the upper right hand side of
    the opening screen.

    When using this app, please “end all other apps”. Due to device specs
    or memory usage, the app may freeze or terminate if other apps are

    *There are situations where purchased GOLD is not added to your
    account, because of connection errors. In the event this occurs,
    please contact us from “Main Menu> Option>

    In the unlikely event of an error or bug, feel free to contact us at
    the support center:

    [Game Introduction]
    The rules are simple! Guess your opponent's number in turns. The first
    player to make a correct guess wins!
    Use the hints and make accurate guesses quickly and with the least
    number of turns. This is a simple, but intellectually demanding
    guessing game!

    [Game Rules]
    1.Set your own number (Play Number)
    2.Guess your opponent's Play Number using 10 numbers (0~9), and press CALL. (Choose 3 numbers if you're playing 3 digit mode)
    3.A hint will be provided each turn based on your guesses.
    4.Based on your hints, make the correct guess before your opponent does, and aim for Numer0n (a correct guess)!!

    ~Types of Hints~
    EAT…Both the guessed number and its position in use are correct.
    BITE…The guessed number is correct, but not its position.

    If the answer is 730
    Guessing 137: 1 EAT, because 3 is being used, and in the correct
    position (second digit).

    1 BITE, because 7 is being used, but the position you guessed is not
    correct (it's being used in the first digit, but you guessed its being
    used in third digit)

    1 is not used, so it's neither an EAT nor a BITE.
    Therefore, the hint "1 EAT 1 BITE" will be provided to you.

    *You won't know which number is an EAT or BITE. Figure it out based on
    your previous guesses!
    *The same number will not be used more than once in a Play Number.

    [About online competition features]
    *For online gaming, we recommend Wi-Fi environment to assure connectivity (3G is also OK).

    *Tickets and Chips will be replenished daily as a Log In Bonus.

    *If the connection is terminated during an online battle, the app will freeze and attempt to reconnect. Please don't terminate the app and wait.

    *When competing online, there is a time limit! Think fast and don't run out of time!

    *There are assistance items which you can use either for offense or defense

    OS Android 2.3.3~
    (Please see below for compatible devices.)

    Midnight popular Fuji TV game show "Calcolon" has also become an app!
    A simple but intellectually demanding mathematical card game!

    Planned by: Atsuya Takase and Noboru Aizawa

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