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    It is a casino game of popular character "[Pesogin]".

    - "[Pesogin]" is an animal of the mystery that looks like penguin's (emperor penguin) chicken. Please enjoy this lovely game.

    It is a game to which the design of the slot is arranged.
    Up button and ×1 It is possible to bet up to 15 with the multiple button to ?×5.

    Patterned each divvy can be confirmed from the menu under the game by help.

    It is a game that combines A(or 11 point a point) and 2?9 point and 10?K (ten points), and brings it close to 21 points.
    When 21 points are exceeded, it is a defeat.
    It becomes a post called twenty-one by two cards (A and ten points).

    Playing poker
    It is closed playing poker (All [shusatsu] is concealed and play).
    It is a game to make the post by using five [shusatsu], and to fight by the strength.
    The joker doesn't use it.
    Strength is judged from the size of the figure of [shusatsu] for the same post.

    Roughhouse 9
    It is a game that combines the card of 1?10, and brings the place of one close to nine points.

    8 + 1 = 9 → 9
    8 + 2 = 10 → 0
    8 + 10 = 18 → 8
    8 + 9 + 7 = 24 → 4

    As for the place on the child side, there are three places, and it is free where to bet the coin.
    However, it is necessary to bet the coin on one place or more.

    The place where the coin was not bet judges the card from the automatic operation.

    It becomes a post called a roughhouse by three cards of the same number.
    It becomes victory as long as parents are not roughhouses if becoming a roughhouse.
    If parents are roughhouses, it becomes a defeat oppositely.

    Moreover, there is strength also in the roughhouse.
    1:3 is three pieces. Ten coin time return.
    2:1 is three pieces. Seven coin time return.
    3:Others (One where the place of one is near nine is strong). Five coin time return.

    3 + 3 + 3 > 1 + 1 + 1 > (9 + 9 + 9 > 2 + 2 + 2 > 7 + 7 + 7)

    Big and small
    From 1 to forecast game of total ..3 cards of figures up to 6.. value
    It becomes a post said it is triple for the figure as which three cards are the same.

    The total value specifies ten from four.
    It becomes a defeat for triple even if the total value is suitable.

    The total value specifies 17 from 11.
    It becomes a defeat for triple even if the total value is suitable.

    It is specified the figure as which three cards are the same.
    The bet coin increases by a factor of 24 when answering correctly.

    Coin Grant ("ADD COIN" done screen)
    Every time · 5 "GetCoin" 押Semasu button (will be added to 100 coins).
    · "GetCoin" The coin can be added to the button is up to two times a day (up to 200 sheets per day).
    Sun, 1 and after, will reset the number of coins that can be added to (the basis of the initial startup time).

    The game is scheduled to be added in the future.

    【 ..confirming the operation.. model 】
    ・Xperia arc
    ・Galaxy S
    ・Galaxy Tab
    ・REGZA Phone
    ・LYNX 3D


    ・Desire HD

    ・Nexus One

    - GPS is used for an advertising display.

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