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    From the famous community finally Rummy for Android.

    The game does not require any Internet connection and allows you to play on a table with 4 machines with players able to challenge even the most players' expert.
    Great graphics and user-friendliness, ability to sort their cards in three different ways or in a personalized way (dragging the cards in the desired position), ability to pause the game ... try it! you will not regret.
    There are many variations of rummy that implemented in the game students are given 10 cards to each player, and 4 jokers to ground there 'and' needs opening.
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    Main Rules:
    The Rummy Game: The dealer begins distributing the cards one at a time starting with the player to his right until you get to 10 for each contender, and then it runs a discovery and puts the deck face up on the table, the one who has received Be the first to open the card game can make that discovery if he needs for his mix, or that blanket on top of the deck and then discards one that thinks it can not serve and pass game to those who follow him to his right and so on until one manages to tie all his cards in the discard surplus and closes the hand.

    Scores of papers are those who pay nominal, all the figures usually pay 10 points. The only exceptions are the ace alone is worth 1, but if it stays with other cards worth 11, and the Joker you pay 20 points.

    Examples of combinations of closing: if one closes with all the papers related pay 0 points. Instead if you close points are added up the points of closure.

    Examples of combinations of payment in case of closing the game we have to count the points made to pay by cards that we were not able to bind, if we have in hand a set, a quatrain, and a 6 and J will pay 16 points,

    If we find combinations such as 2 quatrains not to scale type 4 9 4 6 and another card say a K and it can not bind a wildcard as the quatrains are complete and pay him 20 points plus 10 points of K, 30 points are the points that we will pay.

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