Do you remember that old retro card game that we all played as kids?
    Well here it is, somewhere it is called Sedmice, or in Hungary Zsírozás,
    in Poland as Hola, in Czech as Sedma, or if you want say its name in English, just say Sevens.
    There are many ways how this game can be played, and here the rules that this game follows:
    - Game is played with 32 deck cards (you can choose between three deck types).
    - It is played with two teams against each other, each team with two players and each player has four cards in hand at the same time.
    - Ace and ten are counted as points, last trick is counted as +1, total of 9 points per round
    - 10 points is awarded if you and your partner take all aces, tens and of course, last trick.
    - First team that reaches 41 three times is a winner!
    - and ... almost forgot, Seven is the card that can take any card...

    You can play against computes opponents (2 vs 2) or you can invite
    your friends and play together online.
    Feel free to check, we prepared online version of this game,
    so grab your desktop or laptop, load your browser and try it there!

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