Slot Maniac




    Slot Maniac is a fun game where you play slot for living, you are given 300 free coin a day, you can level up to play more

    - 17 different machine
    -You can buy cloth & furniture
    -You can add friend and visit their house
    -You can collect gem and prize to increase daily coin
    -max free daily coin up to 38400

    fruit slot machine
    3 line fruit slot machine
    fish slot machine(can win free spin)
    dice slot machine(unique card mini game)
    car slot machine(unique card mini game)
    plane slot machine(unique card mini game)
    horse machine
    video poker
    casino war
    indian slot machine(unique cross bridge minigame)
    alien slot machine(unique shoot alien minigame)
    rabbit slot machine(unique pick rabbit minigame)
    santa slot machine(include 2 mini game, mini game inside mini game)

    tips for playing
    step 1: press character, press collect prize, collect all prize to get up to 5000 free coin per day
    step 2: collect gems from the slot machine and increase the daily coin multiplier, can up to 8x

    so you can get up to 38400 freecoin

    note: if you have 0 coin, you can go to the wooden house and kill ant, each ant give you 1 coin

    note2: you can buy coin on my site as well, any question please email me

    note3: User name are case sensitive, John is different from john

    note4: if you go to level 1 and it force close, it mean your phone not enough RAM, open task manager, kill all app before you play this game

    note5: if it loading and unable to go into the game, tab the screen to see if it let you go in

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