Solitaire 3D Classic Klondike+

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    Solitaire 3D is the best Klondike solitaire game on the market for tablets and phones.
    Solitaire 3D Pro is the must-get version of the Classic Solitaire Card Game, also called Patience. Solitaire 3D Pro has many customizable options.

    Rendered in 3D
    Fluid and beautiful graphics
    Difficulty levels
    Solvable games with FREE Solutions
    Full Undo and Redo history
    Smart card selection AND Automatic animated play
    Customize all images PLUS extra downloadable decks
    Game also has many other graphic and sound options
    Normal or Vegas or no scoring WITH 1 or 3 card dealing
    Online high score leaderboard of Solitaire 3D
    Cloud saving of scores with Google+ Game Service
    Allows scores to be transferred between devices!
    Game play statistics
    Tablet friendly

    Solitaire 3D Pro features amazing graphics, as you can choose your own images! Game solutions are free if you get stuck! Move the cards easily with drag and drop, or point and click. Solitaire 3D Pro features full undo and redo history with the back and forwards buttons, you can even replay the game you just won. Keeps normal or Vegas scoring, with an online score board you can post to (hosted by GooglePlus). The game animates from the shuffle through to the play and a mesmerizing winning sequence where you can repeatedly blow up the cards - A nice distraction before your next game of solitaire!

    Solitaire 3D Pro has lots of graphic options like animation speed, motion blur, shadows, colored highlights and choice of backgrounds, decks and deck backings (with more on their way). Other Solitaire 3D Pro game customizations are sound, auto play, left or right hand dealing and the ordering of the Ace bases.

    The Internet Access and External Storage privileges are required to download extra decks to Solitaire 3D Pro and posting high scores and saving between devices.

    As you no doubt love card games please enjoy Classic Klondike Solitaire 3D Pro and you will agree with thousands of players why this is so fun.

    For any suggestions or constructive criticism please email, I will respond :)

    Developed by Jonathan Barton.

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