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    Klondike, so-called solitaire, is the game using cards; the aim of this game is to the organize and put cards with the same marks, in the order of A through K on the table.

    Cards are distributed with 7 rows in the shape of stairs, upside down, and only each card in the lowest positon of the rows faces front.

    Rest of the cards not in the rows are stuck together and put on the table.

    The stucked cards can be turned over whenever the player wants to do so. In this game, players can choose whether they do "1mode", as turning 1 card at a each time, or "3mode", as turning 3 cards each time.

    On the tableau, there are four space for building cards (foundation). You place the cards on each foundation in ascending sequence from A to K, each foundation being the same color.

    Cards on the tableau can be piled in a descending sequence from K to A. At this time, cards should be piled in alternating colors, i.e. black (spade/club) and red (heart/diamond).

    Only K can be placed on a vacant column. Cards of other numbers cannot be placed there.

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