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    Spades's review

    Published: 2014-09-01, by .

    Quick and easy way of playing this popular card game

    • Entertaining
    • Quick and easy
    • Difficulty settings
    • Worldwide playing

    "Play spades and don't wait for your opponents"

    Spades Free allows you to play this popular 4 player game in an easy and quick way.

    First of all, you can select your opponents based on their experience. The game difficulty changes depending on the player's experience, trying to compensate it. Next, you can start playing by making Bids. The cars are dealt and you need to enter your preferred bid into the pannel and press accept. If you're 100 or more points behind the other players, you'll be given the Blind Nil option). Then, you can select your cards by tapping them or sliding and releasing. Once all cards have been played, tap on the middle of the table to clear the trick.

    If you don't know the game rules, you can easily read them on the How to play section. Likewise, if you're stuck and don't know how to continue you can click on Hint. In addition, in options, you can change some settings to your liking.

    Spades Free is, due to everything we've said, a great and simple application for playing this popular card game. The one thing it could be added: playing against worldwide users. In short, this spades application created by AI Factory Limited, is quicker and easier than many others, as you don't need to wait for the opponents to play their cards, it is almost automatic. Recommended for everyone who's looking for a nice and quick Spades application.

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    Ana Appszoom logo

    by Ana , Appszoom

    Sep 01, 2014


    Top Developer (awarded 2013 and 2015)
    Our biggest upgrade: May 2017. See end of description for full details!
    Spades Free has been substantially updated and is now much stronger, with a new bidding system. Its new game intelligence allows it to make creative plays that conventional programs cannot make, often breaking the usual rule-of-thumb to find new winning plans.

    The new CPU players will now also talk to each other - and you - in speech bubbles and smile or frown to let you know how they feel!

    Spades Free brings this classic 4-player contract trick taking card game to Google Play. Created to the same high standard as the rest of our games, Spades Free supplies classy graphics, super smooth gameplay, highly scalable difficulty & much more. Spades has never been so good!


    Full Spades Partnership Play
    21 CPU characters of varying skill (beginner to expert)
    NEW! 3 new CPU characters
    NEW! Option to have CPU characters chat during play (Android 4.0+)!
    NEW! A new bidding system allowing a more creative game!
    NEW! Set your own name!
    Choose your Spades partner and who to play against, or go random!
    Select from 17 different backgrounds or use your custom background!
    Human and CPU player stats!
    Undo & Hints
    Game Rules & Help
    Designed for both Tablet and Phone
    Jokers, Barmore, NYC and Deuces available
    In-game score help: tap end-of-hand scores for explanations
    "Pro mode" option for stronger play
    "Speed Play" option for fast games
    "Aggression" option to make all CPU players bid more aggressively
    In-game displays to help player track rules in use

    Summary of major new engine work completed in this new version:

    4 years after the original release of Spades Free, we are happy to announce our single greatest improvement in play quality, after a prolonged period devoted just to Spades. This has always been a collaborative project shared with York University and has combined the best of AI research with game industry engineering to achieve the best result so far. In this last period particular attention was paid to bidding and the Nil game, but we also made substantial progress in the Joker variants and efficiency of the analysis. We believe that the end product was worth it. Discover the updated play for yourself!

    We are looking to add more great features and game variants for Spades Free. Watch this space!

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    Users comments for Spades

    Marcia Kirkland

    by Marcia Kirkland

    Jan 12, 2018  |  "OK"

    It cheats! I paid for it to cheat me? I'm done, I can't play a game that cheats, rip off!!!!

    Dannie Oliver

    by Dannie Oliver

    Dec 26, 2017  |  "Good"

    Ok. Would've been nice with accelerometer support. Uninstall.


    by yoda3647

    Dec 14, 2017  |  "Good"

    This games AI does not know how to play Spades with partners, I mean when I bid NIL and pass the Ace of Hearts because All I have in Hearts is the Ace and King but then My partner throws away the Ace on Clubs because they do not have any Clubs. I end up taking the King so I lose my NIL bid and then Partners talk bubble says Stupid remarks about too bad or sorry when I passed them the Card to make my bid

    Tom Berna

    by Tom Berna

    Oct 18, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I am so happy there is an ad-free version! I love playing this game when I'm winding down at night.

    Mander Jack

    by Mander Jack

    Oct 07, 2017  |  "Good"

    This works great on many of my older devices but not on my Pixel. I played the ace of spades and my opponent won the trick. Otherwise, this is a very enjoyable game.

    cat gurl

    by cat gurl

    Oct 05, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Absolutely outstanding like all AI Factory games. The guy who stated this game "cheats" is full of it. I play all the AI games a lot and one of the things I like about them is how balanced they are. You can even upgrade the skills of your opponents if you want more of a challenge.