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    Stop the Train is a simple card game similar to the game Thirty-one: the object is to obtain a hand with a value total as close as possible to 31.

    The game is played with a standard 52 card deck.
    Aces are high, counting 11, face cards count 10, and all other cards count face value.
    You can also make a three-of-a-kind to score 30 points.

    Each player starts with some number of tokens, up to 3, and each round everybody is dealt 3 cards face down.
    Starting with the player on the dealer's left and working clockwise each player must pick a card from deck or waste and then discard one card.
    After playing, he may elect to "Stop the Train", in which case everybody else gets one turn only. After somebody has "Stopped the Train" and everybody else has had a turn, the hands are revealed. The player with the weakest hand must relinquish one token, and play continues with the new dealer being the player immediately clockwise of the old dealer.
    If more than one player has the same lowest score nobody loses.
    Once a player has lost all of his tokens he is out.
    The winner is the last player to retain a token.

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    Have fun! :)

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