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    ******The looong awaiting only TREX game on Android*****

    Call it Trex , Trix , Tricks, or even Treks , at the end it is the best cards game played. It is FINALLY on Android, the only and best one. It uses many strategic rules making the players very intelligent and challenging to play against. Moreover, the players don't cheat. It's all strategies and rules. It is even more intelligent and smarter than the iphone trex game.

    Don't worry, future updates will make it more stratigical and even harder, at the end of the day it is a nice app to kill some time and enjoy playing the Trex cards game.

    Please note that this game offers individual mode only with three game types:

    * The full version of Trex with Complex (5 regular Trex games and complex)
    * Trex only mode with no complex (5 regular Trex games)
    * Complex mode only (Complex and Trex for quick games)

    Also the game allows for doubling cards and it has nice music and sound effects in which you can turn off/on any of them

    On top of that, your score is saved online so you can see your rank among other trex players (leaderboard).

    Download and Enjoy. I am always awaiting for your comments and feedback to improve upon.
    And don't forget, rate it 5 stars to keep me going with updates :)

    Dont forget to email me at if you face any problem or if you like to see a new feature added

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