VludKin ClaNz

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    Big 2.0 update just in time for Halloween

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    Board Game Geek 4 Star Rated Game

    Overall, it is a nice app, with very nice illustrations, and a good amount of extra features I didn't expect. - Board Game Geek

    VludKin ClaNz offers original, digital “Stack Building” experience with simple set of rules that are easy to learn, but provide sufficient strategic variations to make the game interesting. -

    VludKin ClaNz is a card game about the struggle of the VludKin for control over the Vlud, the energy upon which their world is built. Each player starts with two VludKin cards from different ClaNz and their goal is to not have the lowest influence VludKin when the game ends, and therefore be the player controlling the Vlud.

    This is an original, digital “Stack Building” card game for two players, with a set of rules that are quick and simple to learn, but offering numerous strategic options on the path to victory.

    Through the use of Influence and Power cards a tense game builds, where the balance of influence can change right up to the end on the asymmetrical board game playfield. There is very little down time for the players and no hidden hands of cards, so this provides an exciting head to head experience.

    Can you gain influence over the VludKin in this original, digital card game?

    - Game Features -

    - 2 Player head-to-head
    - Various AI opponents for single player
    - 15 – 60 minutes play time
    - Original “Stack Building” mechanic
    - Open play with no hidden player elements
    - Deck Construction
    - Multiple options for game length
    - Sharp HD graphics
    - Play statistics

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