Solitaire evolved... welcome to Xolitaire. Enjoy 7 unique games: Big Ben, Flower Garden, FreeCell, Klondike by Threes, Miss Milligan, Spider (2 Suits), Tripeaks.
    - Choose from 4 different layouts for each game.
    - Customize the look from a wide variety of themes, or design your own.
    - Each game records every statistic you can imagine.
    - Choose from 24 languages, changing the language at any time.

    Even more:
    - Got the fever? Enable Vegas-scoring and build up a virtual bank account.
    - Design your own themes from a selection of hundreds of textures.
    - Unlimited undo and redo lets you go back to any move and do it differently.
    - Deal random games, or repeat any deal of the cards.
    - Move cards manually, or send them off automatically with just one touch.
    - An intelligent auto-play feature can send cards to the foundation piles for you.
    - Quickly show or hide all available moves.
    - The game state is saved automatically, letting you come back to your game at a later time.
    - Just for fun, you can adjust the camera controls to view the game from any angle.
    - Browse the built-in help for details on a variety of topics.
    - Zoom in and get close up to the cards. Touch and spread with two fingers.

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