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    The world ended as the great old one awoke from his terrible slumber with anger of those who used his power in vain. Only one vessel escaped the miasmic death and destruction, ejected from the waves of the planet's churning ocean, and pulled into a peering, malformed, eldritch portal. Thus the last memory of a once blue dot entered into the infinite void, only to come upon an even greater evil. Aware and amused, the eternal visage of infinity spoke, and from its gnashing tongues, a spell formed, transforming that unbecoming vessel's destined cargo into living things. Tossed from the void, the ship fell to a new planet, breaking apart and releasing its darkly enchanted passengers all across the lands. As the cargo fell, one by one the only progeny of our now vanished world awoke. This is their tale : Capsule Story.

    Capsule Story is a prophetic look into our world's, and specifically Subsoap's future of creation. We've channeled dark powers to grasp and take all of our future potential and put it into one epic prequel of a saga. Yes, that means everything in Capsule Story is brought back from the future - our future, and each will eventually have its own books, games, and of course merchandising. Won't our future selves be astonished when we pull their glory out from under them by giving it all to you now, years before intended release? Remember, dark powers are dangerous, and using prophetic visions to power your creations is a good way to awaken great old ones!

    Congratulations. We're making your favorite game, the only game you'll want to play once you try it. Billions of Capsule Story players of the year 2077 couldn't agree more - they love it, and so will you. Just think, in 2099, when the great old one's breath cracks the planet at its core, we'll all have you to thank for enabling our development!

    Enjoy yourself until doom's final song begins to echo.

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